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Eleven Dollars' Album Release: Studio B
08 Feb 2012

As of Feburary 7th 2012, Eleven Dollars’ new album Studio B will be available on Itunes.

Eleven Dollars is an Alternative/Acoustic Rock band from Denton, Texas. They have grown from a small apartment band (who believed they would only be able to make ‘eleven dollars’) into a potential musical powerhouse. Eleven Dollars have an acoustically driven feel with a rock edge which allows for a wide range of vocal melodies to be laid over the top with ease. Their sounds are easy to listen to and you’ll catch yourself singing along in no time.

Eleven Dollars have previously released an EP titled Missing Pieces which is also available on Itunes

In addition to their albums, the music of Eleven Dollars has been featured in the independent films, ‘After School Special’ and ‘In Eternity’.

You can listen and purchase Studio B here:

You can listen and purchase Missing Pieces here:

For more information on Eleven Dollars visit:

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