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Erik Simins releases "The Way I See It" for the world!
28 May 2012

Having been writing and performing in the music industry since he was 10 years old, it was no surprise when Toronto based singer-songwriter Erik Simins looked to expand his horizon and consider his options as a professional performer.

Since this establishment Simins released his first full-length album “Please Do Not Disturb” a few years ago and has since then been gearing up to work on the completion of many more.

“The Way I See It” is one of Simin’s most recently released singles. The track has an incredibly wicked sound to it, and we believe it’s a sheer testimony to the great direction Simin’s is planning on moving in in terms of his future work.

“The Way I See It” has also successfully placed on the soundtrack for the indie film “The Argues: The Movie” by Blue Pie. To check out the movie track head on other to the films website:

Also make sure to stop by Erik Simin’s iTunes account to show your support and make a purchase of his awesome tunes, in particular “The Way I See It”!

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