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Evolution Eden Are Getting Down To Some Serious Work
12 Feb 2010

Evolution Eden are getting down to some serious work with Blue Pie. Blue Pie and Evolution Eden are working on the new image, new album and release of the bands new single for late March this year. You can get down to some solid ROCK AND ROLL that is Evolution Eden on Saturday the 20th February. The lads will be playing at Roosters Road House at Alameda at 1700 Clement Avenue Alameda California. There is plenty of easy parking and food at the venue (hamburgers etc.). If you want to make a larger night of it Jack London Square is just up the street.  There are no excuses for not coming as the band will be there to take the roof off ….literally with their loud infectious ROCK AND ROLL. Alameda is only 5 miles further from the peninsula then San Francisco without the parking or traffic hassles. Click below to see the gig poster and if you want to check out the latest on the band you can visit the website at

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