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Evolution Eden Fans ROCK on Friday October 1st !
14 Sep 2010

Hello E2 Fans that is all the Evolution Eden Fans. The band have a big exciting event coming up Friday October 1st . Doors open at 5:00, show starts at 6:00. This is an ALL AGES venue. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. The headlining band on Friday Oct. 1st is a fabulous Journey Tribute band called “Arrival”.

Battle competition finals are Sunday October 3rd Evolution Eden has been invited to compete in the Beadles Battle of the Bands out in Lodi CA (See attached flier).

The really exciting component of this event is that it is a fund raiser for “Make a Wish Foundation” (!! So, in addition to all of the great prizes for the participating bands, the money from ticket sales goes to a very worthy cause – we are proud to be a part of this fundraiser! Here is how you can help: Buy tickets ($20 in advance) to the Oct 1st battle located at Hutchins Street Square (125 S. Hutchins St. Lodi CA) + Come on out to a great venue Friday October 1st and support Evolution Eden while we rip it up live! + If Lodi CA is a bit out of your way, buy a ticket anyway and support the “Make a Wish Foundation” + You can buy tickets directly from me one of 3 ways + Send email to the band just go to and the band will “Request payment” for the ticket(s) through PayPal (secure transaction).

We know that Lodi is a bit out of many people’s “typical travel” paths, so we are hoping that Evolution Eden can make an impact at this show by being the largest band fundraiser (ticket seller) for the Make a Wish Foundation. This will only happen if our request goes “viral”: put it on your FaceBook page; blog the event; twitter; pester your friends…just get the word out there.

For all the latest news on the band you can visit the bands website at

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