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Evolution Eden just keep ROCKING
03 May 2010

Evolution just keep ROCKING and blowing the crowds away with their hot new album. The guys and I have just returned from playing the LA Music Award showcase at the Whiskey A Go-Go. The band had a blast and kicked all the competition off the stage. As Andy says ” We kicked SoCal butt last night…and it felt good! ” After the band SMOKED the other showcase artists, the CEO of the LA Music Awards took the stage and announced that Evolution Eden was being awarded TWO additional nominations:  “Best Rock Single (Center of the Universe) +  Best Rock Drummer (Jim Bove).  Needless to say this is very exciting for the band and Blue Pie. Additionally, the band has been asked to play back at the Whiskey this summer for the “LA Music Awards Voting party”. This is another fabulous honour. Press and media releases to follow. For all the latest news on the BAND THAT ROCKS LA and Southern California to the core then visit their my space page at

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