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Evolution Eden's hot new single "Centre of the Universe" to radio
19 May 2010


Evolution Eden just keep ROCKING and blowing the crowds away with their hot new album “Saturday Night Drive In”. Blue Pie are proud to announce that Evolution Eden’s scorching new single “Centre of the Universe” has hit radio stations around the world.

“Centre of the Universe” is a hard hitting, attention-seeking tune with the head banging classic rock essentials. It’s already grabbing the keen interest of plenty of fans around the planet and has been nominated for “Best Single of the Year” at the prestigious LA Music Awards.

Evolution Eden is an uncompromising three-piece arena rock band based in California. Their sound is a lethal cocktail of hard rock, power pop and blues that’s guaranteed to blow the listener away. With plenty of radio play around the world and an astounding live presence, you can’t miss the impact of Evolution Eden.

Needless to say this is very exciting for Evolution Eden and Blue Pie.

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