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Facebook is blowing up with Blue Pie artists!
22 Nov 2012

Facebook has been blowing up with the current increase of traffic on three of our favourite artists! These artists are Sam Pollard, K1 Shah and Sydonia!

Sam is an acoustic pianist and vocalist at Blue Pie! Recently, Sam set out on the journey of a lifetime across the Nullarbor with Planet Blue Pictures and Reclink Australia for a tour dubbed, “The World Of Difference Tour!” True to its name, Sam Pollard is truly going to make a world of difference, having begun production on a nation-wide bike riding documentary as a travelling musician.

The documentary will provide an insight to life in a rural Australian community, the lack of funding towards music, the arts, sport and welfare, all whilst promoting a green alternative to travelling- by bike! Sam has so far raised $1375.00 for Reclink, an international charity supporting people who need it most! And he’s merely half way there. We look forward to hearing more from Sam and wish him the very best as he continues his strenuous journey!

K1 has been flying under the radar while he works hard to finish his life story flick, another fantastic film by Planet Blue Pictures! The documentary will seek to change the way the world views the nations of Iran through his personal and in-depth struggle to travel as a child. K1 travelled with his siblings from a war-torn Persia to seek protection and salvation on our lands in Australia.

Recently this year he brought the Flamenco guitarist virtuoso, Faramaz Aslani for a very successful tour. Since then, K1’s YouTube profile has slammed over half a million views, including his latest single, “Take My Hand!” The track aims to try to show people how a little can go a long way in stopping world hunger, with all proceedings heading to charity!

Sydonia are smashing the independent charts on ‘AIR’ and ‘Reverb Nation.’ The alternative musicians from Melbourne have been praised by the likes of such international acts; Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) and Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God) amongst more! Sydonia have been hand-picked and personally invited as the opening act for such headliners and further, including; Korn, Mammal and Machinehead.

Sydonia have also been highlighted in ‘Beat’ and ‘Inpress’ Magazines, following massive support from fans and great feedback on Triple J and Rage. Following the success of their latest EP, “Waiting For Words”, which also includes a live DVD, next on the agenda is a Pre-Christmas NSW Tour and a brand new album! We look forward to the next chapter!

Be sure to join the online revolution and connect with Blue Pie and our artists via their Facebook Fan Pages and various other social networking profiles.

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