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Fairphonic and Ordior teaming up! Chairman Gavin Parry in strategic partnership with Ordior.
12 Apr 2021

Following recent developments, our partner company Ordior has collaborated with Fairphonic! Gavin Parry, the former executive Vice President of Sony Music Asia Pacific, has joined Fairphonic as its chairman. Parry has expressed enthusiasm regarding his new position, as well as Fairphonic’s partnership with Ordior – as seen in this article on The Music Network, Damien Reilly, the CEO of both our company and Ordior, is glad for this partnership to unfold. He’s optimistic for the future collaborations between these two media powerhouses! Fairphonic and Ordior are bound to blend together nicely.

“Our two companies go hand in hand, with Fairphonic using its unique technology to identify revenue opportunities and unclaimed royalties, and then for Ordior to use our experienced staff, systems and forensic processes to maximise the collections,” Reilly said.

Gavin Parry also had much to say on his faith in Ordior and our capabilities as a team.

“Many of the technology players in rights management have back end teams in South East Asia or India which have mixed results. What we have achieved with this partnership, is a back end team for Fairphonic that is well trained, experienced, cost effective and supported. As Fairphonic grows we expect that Ordior will launch offices in other NSW regional centres, providing high quality employment to youth in those communities”.

Gavin also shared his excitement on his LinkedIn profile.

Fairphonic is planning significant additions to its board in the next few months, and a Series A round is planned in late 2021. Reilly will also join Fairphonic as a Strategic Advisor.

Ordior has compiled a press release outlining these events, which you can download and read by clicking here.

With well over 20 years of experience in the industry, Parry is well-equipped to interact with the digital landscape and pioneer many new futures for both Ordior and Fairphonic. Already Fairphonic has achieved much in the short time Parry has been working with the company, having identified billions of unclaimed views on a 20 track sample. Ordior is a kindred spirit with Fairphonic, as they have achieved great milestones for their roster of over 100 clients. We extend our congratulations to Ordior, and are excited for them to work hand-in-hand with Fairphonic and expand their mutual influence throughout both NSW and the online space. With this partnership, the sky’s the limit for both of them!

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