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FallsStart's new album "Our Summer" takes the world by storm in a number of incredible reviews!
20 Jun 2012

Honolulu based rock trio, FallsStart, are gearing up for the release of their new EP, “Our Summer” by taking online and social media websites by storm! With a long list of feature articles and interviews, FallsStart are determined to nail down the world and overflow the servers with the release.


During an interview with As The Music Plays about the release, they also spoke about their effective use of Social Media. “My favourite part of social media is the direct relationships we are able to build through media sites. Extra connection through personal conversations and interactions with our fans is what makes our shows even better to experience. Once fans, now friends and family” – Jaron Seuis. Check out more or the interview here. 

The release, due out August 10th, takes inspiration from both modern punk, alternative and classic rock, containing a fusion of genres, even featuring violin on a few tracks. Each song telling its own story, emotional heartstrings are sure to be plucked and your feet are sure to be jumping.

The up-coming album has already received some incredible reviews which we’ve very excited about, some of them include:


“We have influences from everywhere – The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Clapton, Skynyrd, up to the new stuff like Yellowcard, Story of the Year, Taking Back Sunday, and Paramore. We take all of these influences and mesh them together the best we can,” says Davey Leatherwood, FallsStart’s singer, guitarist and violinist. In an article that can be found here. 

There are a total of six songs on the album: “Heir to the Throne,” “Happy Song,” “Carnivale,” “Greed,” “Our Summer,” and “Glass.” “All of the songs on the album fall into either the upbeat or midtempo category, and they flow together very well as a cohesive unit”, as said by Aesh Tunes Extra, whose review on the album can be found here. 

I’ve already dubbed their song “Our Summer” as my rock anthem for this summer. It’s fun and nostalgic, and inspires one to live out the song. “Heir to the Throne” and “Greed” will surely satisfy those with punk pallets with their fitting vocals and therapeutic lyrics – MTN Weekly 

Be sure to look out for the release of “Our Summer” via Blue Pie and the FallsStart website at:

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