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Fat Opie gets the loving from Radio and the Media !
05 May 2010

Fat Opie gets the love from Radio and Media world wide. With their hot new album out now for the world to enjoy on all leading digital retailers on the planet, Fat Opie are getting the musical love to flow for their killer new single that we are pushing to radio called ” Bullets in my briefcase “. Suzanne Carey, Blue Pie’s non stop powerhouse license manager in the USA will have the team pushing this to the four corners of the globe. For those of you that do not know who Fat Opie are they are based in San Francisco, and began recording and touring in 1994. Their debut CD “Biscuits” led to a management deal with Lookout Management in LA. In 1996, they released “Hipsters, Freaks, Fags & Homeboys”.

The “HIPSTERS” record introduced the varied instrumentation including banjos, mandolin, accordion and Moog pedals. The band toured extensively for the record and gained West Coast airplay and national press including an article in ALTERNATIVE PRESS MAGAZINE. The “Airstream” CD in 1999 was the most ambitious project and they brought in a co-producer/engineer named Arjan McNamara. A more complex record both in song writing and production, it gave FAT OPIE their two biggest successes.

The song “Bullets in My Briefcase” won a national band search sponsored by 7-UP/SONICNET which included a prize of $15,000. The song “Mouth Like a Trucker” was featured in the motion picture ALONG THE WAY. In November 2009, FAT OPIE has signed a worldwide distribution deal with Blue Pie and now the marketing and promotional work begins. The first new track “New Orleans” has received 1,000’s of Internet and FM radio plays including:

• “Indie Revolution Radio Show” on WMIR 100.9 in NY

• “Homegrown Radio Show” on PIXY 103 FM in MA

• FM 102x “Song of the Day”

• “Droppin Knowledge” on WMBR 88.1 FM in Boston

• “Top 40 Requests” Indie 104 Radio LA

• “RadioRockCafe” (Canada)

• “Banana Peel Radio” in Vancouver (Canada)

• “Showcase Internet Radio Show”

• “The Songwriter’s Network”

To find out more about Fat Opie you can visit their My Space

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