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Fernando's Secrets: The Stats are in!
11 Jan 2012

Today has been one month since the Fernando’s Secrets ‘Holiday Special with Sabrina Fustaire’ went to air! Being a seasonal episode, no more downloads are expected until next year, so the final ratings numbers for 2011 are in. Here are the final numbers:

  • 14 Channels from (1,817,589)
  • Sky Channel 219 (9,560,000)
  • San Rafael, CA Channel 26 (100,489)
  • Petaluma, CA PCA 27 (15,000)
  • Auburn, CA Channel 26 (65,000)

With nearly 12 Million hits and almost no advertising and promotion, we have proof that Californians simply can’t get enough of Fernando’s scrumptious meals! Tune-in in 2012 for more yummy meals and maybe a few more Blue Pie guests! Click Here!

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