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Fernando's Secrets Wins at the 2011 Petaluma Viewers Choice Awards!
27 Sep 2011

We are happy to report that passion project of Pomelo’s Fernando, “Fernando’s Secrets” the cooking show, won in the “Music, Arts & Cooking” category at 2011 PCE Lumanarian Awards.

“We want to thank all the viewers for your votes and the Petaluma Community Access for all the continuous support!” – Cast and crew of Fernando’s Secrets

Fernando’s Secrets is a cooking show about a Spanish ex-pat who’s lived in the Bay Area for more than two decades. He cooks typical recipes from his childhood in Barcelona living in a Castillian family. Fernando watched his mother, a fabulous cook, prepare every-day and elaborate dishes for years. In an effort to honor his mother’s influence in his culinary style, Fernando has embarked upon this cooking expedition to express his love of food and to preserve some of his most cherished childhood memories.

This is a great award for a great show!

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