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FM107.5 Orange loves the Blue Pie radio show! Feedback from listeners!
29 Jun 2022

Orange has been loving our radio presence ever since the Blue Pie Radio Show recently moved to FM107.5! These adventures have really been helping get the best of our catalogue out there, sharing with the world our favourites from the Blue Pie and DJ Central catalogues. The latest home of the Blue Pie Radio Show, 107.5 Orange FM has given us the good word that our music is turning heads! But don’t take our word for it, check out these examples instead. They’re a few classics that we’ve played in the past on our show.

On Tuesdays from 7pm-9pm, the Blue Pie show has been on the air, and people have been tuning in. They’ve sent in some positive feedback about it, too, apparently! Darrell, treasurer of the station, has given us the good word about all this. Several comments have been received ranging from just a tick of approval, smiley faces etc, to the ones listed below:

“Thanks for providing us with some “out there” music on Tuesday nights with that Blue Pie Show. More please! Garry, Warrendine”

“Congrats to FM107.5 for the new show on Tuesday night. I really enjoy hearing from these wonderful musicians and new bands. It’s something I never thought would be broadcast on community radio. Keep up the good work. John Carr, Spring Hill”

“I must say that community radio used to be boring until you produced the Blue Pie thing. Well done – more of the same please”. Mick the Mack, Orange.

There are a couple of others too from a few weeks ago! It’s great to see that FM107.5 is getting feedback. Not only that, but feedback of this nature! We’re feeling all warm and tingly inside reading these.

We’re in very good hands and grateful to 107.5. Here’s a bit of background, straight from the station themselves: “Our signal covers the whole of 3 LGAs (Orange, Blayney & Cabonne) as well as reaching as far afield as Wellington to the north, Parkes & Forbes to the west, Cowra in the south west and then Bathurst, Lithgow and Oberon to the east. We also have regular listeners in Mount Victoria and Blackheath, as being quite elevated, the signal flows direct to them. The total population we reach is around the 200,000 mark. According to the latest CBAA listener survey, there are 25,000 people in the Orange/Bathurst area who listen to community radio.” To be able to reach such a large audience is truly stellar! Thanks for having us, 107.5!

But today we want to ask you, the readers – what are YOUR favourites from our catalogues? We want to know! We wanna feature them on the show. Plus, this feedback has been nice, so be sure to keep it coming!

Click here to browse the Blue Pie catalogue, and click here to check out some of DJ Central’s popular compilations. Have a browse – don’t be afraid to check out recent news stories on our sites for hot new releases, or the Youtube channels of either Blue Pie or DJ Central, where all our freshest music videos can be found. Take your time. Found a favourite or two? Hopefully, because we have an email and Skype line ready to go! Send in those requests ASAP. If you want a song from our catalogues to be played on our show, just Skype us or email us:

Use the subject line/opening message “RE: Blue Pie/DJ Central Radio Song Request”. Our radio managers will keep their ear to the ground and see what sort of stuff you guys are craving to listen to!

All different genres cross over for an eclectic night of musical magic with the MCs Mighty and Pyrite, as well as the legendary mix man himself, Gabe Rizza. Blue Pie’s catalogue brings all manner of acoustic and rock hits among some other spicy stuff, while the essential DJ Central has hip hop and EDM covered. We’re proud to present the favourite music you didn’t even know you had yet! Some of you might be sad you’re missing out, though. After all, it’s only a local radio station – what if you’re not in the area they cover, wide as it is? Well thankfully you can easily catch each episode after the fact on Mixcloud and Audiomack! So if you can’t tune in, look forward to throwing it on online instead! These are earlier episodes from many months ago but they’re an accurate preview of what you can expect to hear in the future.



So get those requests delivered, then tune in to 107.5 and check out our Audiomack and Mixcloud profiles to have a listen to Pyrite, Mighty, and Gabe presenting all your favourite music… and some new favourites you maybe didn’t even know you had yet!

Get ready to listen! We have some surprises for new episodes coming up. And for more details check out 107.5 Orange FM here:

Thanks so much to the station and to the community for being so receptive and as passionate about music as we are! We’re sure all our artists are delighted to see this feedback too.

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