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Franco and The Dreadnought in Skopemag!
23 Nov 2011

Check out this awesome bit of press in Skopemag about Franco and The Dreadnought!

Franco & The Dreadnought

British sensation Franco and the Dreadnought comes stateside with his powerhouse voice and agile fingers. This young lad has the goods and the capability of packing arenas full of people waving their lighters in the air and singing along with every fiber of their being. He and his trusty sidekick, the Dreadnought, are bound to move the masses into musical bliss.

“Last Man Standing” is his 15 song debut chalk full of incredible ballads, sweeping hooks, and swelling vocals.  The lyrics are imbued with a delicate yearning infused with a confidence far exceeding this young man’s years. This mixture is intoxicating and leaves you thirsty for more.

Check it out on the Skopemag website! Just scroll to the bottom of the page!

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