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Franco and The Dreadnought. Reviewed!
29 Jul 2011

Check out this awesome little review of Franco and The Dreadnoughts latest gig. The photograph and review are by Brian Hickey. Check out his website here:


“Original live music, as opposed to the multitude of boring cover bands doing the rounds, is so very hard to find in this part of Spain. Ok my last post highlighted Iggy Pop, a true original so I suppose it’s been a good week for music. Franco & The Dreadnought – The Dreadnought being the name of his guitar – is the former lead singer of Manchester band International One. Now pursuing a solo career his music has been described as “heart-warming, spine-tingling Indie-acoustic music.”  I love a good old electric guitar thrash a la The Stooges or MC5 but in quieter moments I can be found listening to acoustic stuff from the likes of  Nick Drake or Elliot Smith. Franco’s songs, like the aforementioned Elliot Smith, had an intricacy in their arrangements that didn’t detract from the good old fashioned melodies and they sounded like a breath of fresh air in an area of Spain that is deprived of new and original music.  I would urge you check his music out here at” – Brian Hickey 

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