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'Friendship Love and Loyalty' Nominated for 11 ASIN Awards!
17 Sep 2014

Australian Film “Friendship Love and Loyalty” has been nominated for 11 Australian Screen Industry Network Awards! The huge quantity of nominations received for those who have contributed to the film in a variety of aspects is indicative of the huge success of this film.

“Friendship Love and Loyalty” is the first film written and produced by Stinga T aka Thibul Nettle. South Australian born, Stinga T has made a name for himself in the Australian music scene as an accomplished rapper, songwriter and performer. He has had success as a member of the hip-hop group The Deadly Boys aka TDB and as a solo artist, releasing his 3rd album “Shine” earlier this year.

In 2012 Stinga started the production company “Firestick Films” and has since acted in starring roles in “Alien Sons” and “49”. “Friendship Love and Loyalty” is Firestick Films’ debut film production and is co-produced by Australian Film Academy. Directed by Maryanne Patterson, “Friendship Love and Loyalty” also stars Kylie Farmer, Maha Wilson, Ezra Junata, and Christopher Facey. The film is written and produced by Stinga T who also stars as the main character.

“Friendship Love and Loyalty” is a modern day South Australian love story, which tells the tale of friendship caught up in a heartbreaking love triangle. The film is a beautiful tale coupled with its uniquely Australian setting amongst a small Australian beach town.

The ASIN Nominations for “Friendship Love and Loyalty” are:

Best Director: Maryanne Paterson
Best Producer: Marie Press and Stinga T
Best Actor:
Thibul Nettle and Ezra Junter
Best Actress: Kylie Farmer, Maha Wilson and Cassandra Reed
Best Screenplay/Writer: Thibul Nettle
Best Feature Film: Friendship Love & Loyalty
Best Cinematographer: Michael Selge
Most Valued Crew Member: Nicholas Kohl, Cassie Trappit, Bruce Willoughby, Kylian Morro, Ben Mansley, Alma Kushartanti and Khallah Marro
Member’s Choice: Maryanne Paterson

Make sure to get your votes in for “Friendship Love and Loyalty” and support the Australian film industry! Voting closes on the 31st of October and the awards will be announced on the 6th of September 2014!

To vote for your favourite nominations for this year’s ASIN awards follow the link to their Website.


For information on “Friendship Love and Loyalty” or to get updates on the film, and links to download the film or it’s sound track, check out the link to the film’s official website! 

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