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Funky P at the Royal Wedding in Luxembourg!
29 Oct 2012

Modern Soul-Funk band Funky P Society, were chosen to represent Luxembourg at Grand Duke Guillaume & Countess Stéphanie of Belgium’s Royal Wedding!


The band scored the gig of a lifetime when they were asked to play for the Prince and Princess at the wedding celebration in Luxembourg! The wedding took place at “Place de Guillaume”, in Luxembourg Big Square, on the 20th of October, and the whole town was in frenzy!


Funky P headlined the celebrations along with artist “Selah Sue”. Other special guests included House of Chanel’s, Karl Lagerfeld, represented France as their TV Moderator.

Funky P are forever grateful for this opportunity, and will never forget the amazing experiences that it brought them.

Naturally there was an array of media coverage which feature Funky P. These include the nations post, the Luxemburger Wort and BBC World News. A clip from BBC World News states that “the couple” requested the band to play the wedding. The video also featured their track “Heaven Is Around The Corner”.

For more information on The Funky P Society, be sure to visit their Official Website.

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