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Funky P featured in Magazine!
28 Apr 2011

An interview with Funky P (aka Roosevelt S. Isaac) has been featured in France’s very own Magazine.

Along with some fabulous performance shots of the star, the interview provides a personal touch to Funky P’s profile. The interview reveals his musical roots, his on-stage preferences and the spiritual meaning behind his songwriting.

Here is a sneak peak of the interview:

6) I believe that you write yourself the words of your songs. What does it change when you write a song for soul rythm or a House song. Do you speak about the same things?
Well with Soul Music I tend to right more lyrics and have more changes in the story line..They both must have a very strong HOOK (Chorus). That is the center of the universe in songwriting. But being grammatically correct is my last worry in House music. Simple and sweet is my goal in House. I am a little more eloquent with the Soul Music songs. but to me they are both still very spiritual in meaning.
Usually about the experience you have in the room at the party. The feeling of ecstasy and freedom while dancing…(cont.)”

To read the entire interview as featured in, click here!

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