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Funky P impresses all at the Kaunas Jazz Festival!
09 May 2011

Funky P was invited to perform at the Kaunas Jazz Festival in Lithuania last week along the likes of Seeka, Jing’A’Ling, SharpFive, Domas Aleksa & D’Orange and many more!

Below is a YouTube clip taken of Funky P at the festival, which ran on the same date as his birthday. The crowd together with Funky P join in singing him a Happy Birthday!

Funky P drew in a crowd of over 1,000 people, and left a great impression on Club Combo and the festival punters.

Funky P also participated in a short interview for a documentary over the Kaunas Jazz Festival. Stay in tune for more details of the release of this documentary.

For more information on Funky P, or to listen to some of his groovy jazz tunes, head to his website:

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