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Funky P Is Sweeping Europe !
07 Feb 2013

Popular Mannheim and Luxembourg soul artist Funky P is growing in fame throughout Europe! 2012 bought him several immense accomplishments that have secured his recognition internationally.

Funky P first signed to the Mannheim music label, “Zeitwind Records”. Zeitwind Records went on to bring into being the release, two of Funky’s hottest EP’s, “Back To The Club” and “Funked Up”. The two albums were rewarded with first-rate reviews!

“Legendary Films” in Germany approached Funky P to produce a flick, and several of the largest open-air festivals in Europe have personally asked the soul/funk artist to host and perform his hits! Some of Funky P’s most sought after acts of 2012 include being individually asked to play at the Royal Wedding of Prince and Princess Gilluame in Luxembourg, as well as his performance as an opening act for Lionel Richie at the “Rockhal” in November.

Following Lionel Richie, Funky was then In December 2012 asked to host the “Soul Season” music revue in Mannheim at the ‘old fire station’. This was an overwhelming success and ‘Soul Music’ ruled the evening with a sold-out crowd.

Funky P would like to thank everyone for his or her gratification and kindness throughout 2012, stating, “2013 is the future and we are going for it!”

Funky P will be meeting with his “Blue Pie” and “Zeitwind” management to bring his fans more throughout 2013. There is no slowing down for this soul artist!

Keep up-to-date with all the latest on Funky P through his Official Site!

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