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Funky P kicks into overdrive with a MEGA year for 2013 and starts 2014 with a bang !!!
19 Jan 2014

Mr Funky P has been extremely busy throughout 2013 and everyone here at Blue Pie sends a huge note of congratulations all the way over to Germany !

Some of the incredible achievements for 2013 include:

  • The song “Your love” with Peter Deinhart on YouTube is slowly growing at 2,388,241 views …AMAZING !
  • The Funky P Facebook page has over 73,000 likes and over 6,000 engaged fans !
  • The song “Real Mother For You” has over 14,000 views on You Tube and climbing

Check out 2 of Mr P’s incredible videos from the Voice of Germany below on YOU TUBE !

Mr P’s blind audition on the “Voice of Germany” on Youtube is over 105,000 views and climbing !


 Nights in White Satin – my Battle song is 184,000 views on youtube


Remember that you can check out all the latest news from Mr Funky P at the following websites:

The new music is BURNING HOT and you can download Funky P at iTunes for the world. 

Just search ” Mr Funky P”

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