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Funky P, making everyone Smile Baby!
30 Mar 2011

We are pleased to announce the placement of Mr Funky P’s song Smile Baby in the special extended GYM scene for the new Aussie Indie Film Dealing With Destiny.

You can get a sneak peak from the Dealing With Destiny YouTube Channel and see how Mr Funky P does in fact make everybody want to Smile Baby.

Dealing with Destiny – Gym Scene (feat. Funky P’s Smile Baby)

Check it out for yourself:

Funky P’s new album, Get The Funk, is out now through Blue Pie Records for the world to hear! It is available through all leading digital retailers worldwide.

Funky P is in constant demand for tours and has recently been placed into two independent films, one in Australia and one in the USA by the Blue Pie license team with many more on the way.

Mr Funky P is original and puts the REAL soul music back on the turntable for a new generation to discover. Mr Funky P is the REAL soul man. Dig it…we do and check out his latest news online at his website:

For more information on the Dealing With Destiny film head to:

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