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Funky P Special Interest Story!
17 May 2011

Funky P is not all about music, although that is where his ultimate passion lies, but he also spends a large portion of his life working for the US Military, who have now requested to use the story of his life into a Special Interest Story for their media network!

The US military maintain a TV and Radio system in Europe (AFN) to keep all the Americans Overseas updated with news and entertainment. They have thus proposed to interview Funky P this Friday (20 May) as part of a Special Interest Story. Since he has been supporting the US soldiers and families in Europe and ALSO pursuing his music dream for the last 15 years, they have found his life, work and passion fascinating.

The US Military also have Funky P’s  ‘Get The Funk’ CD and have expressed their love for it from the first song till the last song.

Stay in tune for more updates and possibly a podcast of the interview as heard live on the radio!

For more info on Funky P, head to his website:

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