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Funky P Video Clip Continues to Go Viral on YouTube!
16 Mar 2013

Jazz man Funky P is becoming a YouTube sensation with over 1,800,000 views of his latest single, “Your Love Is.” The feel good rhythm features back-up vocals and a jazz ensemble that blows you away, accompanied by Funky’s versatile vocals that range from soulful lows to pitch perfect falsettos.

If you are one of the rare few that have not yet checked out Funky P’s infamous YouTube hit, you can watch it here!

The hit single continues to gather new fans, after receiving enormous amounts of praise from around the world. Fans have described Funky’s latest and greatest as, “Refreshing,” “Amazing,” and “Viral!” The song ‘Your Love Is’ relates to many genres and fan groups with different tastes in music, and is a truly diverse track.

Congratulations to Blue Pie artist Funky P and Zeitwind Records for all of their great success in 2013!

To Keep posted on all the news with Funky P, head to his official Facebook webpage!

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