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G3 Magazine gets down with "The Rudies"
09 Feb 2011


G3 Magazine gets down with ” The Rudies “.  You can read the full story in the G3 Magazine here – We have put short excerpt from the story below for all the die hard Rudies fans. Remember for the latest news on the Rudies you can check out their My Space page here
Independent Artist Article Questions for G3 Magazine
What inspires your music?
RUDIES are inspired first and foremost by the love of reggae and ska,the culture surrounding those genres and our need to offer something different to the audience.So much of music today is about selling illusions,products and negative ideas to people.RUDIES want to promote positive thought and change in our society and culture.
How would you classify your music?
We call it Revolution Reggae but feel it smuch more than that,because of the racial make up of the band we have a lot of different influences.Our style ranges from strictly roots and dub sounds from 70’s and 80’s style reggae such as King Tubby,Lee Scratch Perry,the Gladiators… more modern mashups of ska and punk sounds of second wave ska like The Specials,Selector and punk/reggae icons  Bad brains.
How would you describe yourself as an artist?
In one word ” thoughtful”,we are more concerned with how we sound and what we say than the trappings of stardom.We want our audience to feel what we are doing and have a good time but we also want to reach them on a mental level and inspire them to become more active in their communities and local politics.All this while giving respect to those who we are inspired by and those who are listening.
What sets your music apart from others in your genre?
Our ability to draw from different styles and make it work in the context of a song,so no matter what you are into,reggae,ska or rock,we try to give you something you can move to.We feel these qualities help set us apart from others in our genre and make our audience much more diverse than it would be if we just stuck to one style of music.
What obstacles have you faced in the music industry?
Access to the people and companies that can help you get your music heard by a larger audience.The tools available to indie artists are many,but the amount of time and money involved can take it’s toll on you.You have to find a balance between the industry side and the creative side.It is crucial to define what success means for you and map out a plan to achieve that.For us signing with Blue Pie Records has been beneficial to our goals.
What steps have you taken to market your music?
Internet radio,music sites and social media.Since signing with Blue Pie Records, it has become a little easier.They are an indie label based in Australia and have an international reach.Blue Pie is currently working on promoting our debut cd ” The Rudies” by seeking licensing deals in the film and television industry.It is good to be working with them.CEO Damien Reilly has a great feel for what we are doing musically and is very supportive.Blue Pie is a good fit for RUDIES music.
If you can have any collaboration with an artist or work with any producer who would it be and why?
In the reggae world ,we would love to work with Dubmatix out of Canada.He has a great ear and we love his work.Damian Marley because he keeps the tradition of rebel music alive.In the rock world we would like to work with Vernon Reid of Living Colour,or Dr. Know of Bad Brains.These guys have been big influences on us and have always put out interesting music.
What song are you currently promoting? Who is the producer and how did the song come about?
“Wrap Your Head”, “No Justice” and the instrumental “Rice and Beans” all from or debut cd “The Rudies”.All recorded at Nitrosonic Studios,produced by Rudies and Brian Poulitto.
“Wrap Your Head” is a high energy ska/punk song inspired by the pitfalls of street life and the inability to make positive change in life.
“No Justice” is a roots/dub jam about social injustice and the hypocrisy that sometimes plagues our government.
“Rice and Beans” is a roots reggae instrumental with a haunting melodica melody inspired by the music of Augustus Pablo.
What are your project plans for 2011?
Currently we are working on our second cd ,11 originals ,1 cover.We have been approached by award winning producer David Snow for possible involvement on a single and are giving that some thought .Projected release date sept 2011. We hope to be playing some regional music festivals along with our usual club circuit and Blue Pie Records has plans for us as well.2011 will be a busy year for the Rudies and we look forward to making new music,playing new gigs and gaining new fans. Many thanks to G3 Magazine for taking the time to talk with us.
Live up,Love up and Stay up!!!
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