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Get Hooked on Gabe Rizza's High-Energy EDM Tracks: Check Out His Latest Collaborations with Key Loch and Diego Bian!
20 Apr 2023

Are you ready to be blown away by the electrifying beats of Gabe Rizza?  He’s been working with Key Loch and Scawp to bring us “Flex”, a track that’s guaranteed to get you moving. And that’s not all, his collaboration with Diego Bian on “My Obsession” has become a DJ Central anthem. So much so that we’ve got a couple teasers of the videos that have been made using it on the DJ Central youtube channel! Both of these tracks are set to become DJ Central icons, so be sure to watch this space.

Don’t miss out on the electrifying beats of Gabe Rizza! Whether you’re a die-hard EDM fan or just looking for some high-energy tunes to get you moving, Gabe’s music has got you covered. With a diverse range of original works and collaborations, you’ll be hooked from the first beat. So, make sure to check out Gabe Rizza’s latest tracks and more on DJ Central’s YouTube channel, and get ready to dance the night away! Keep your eyes peeled.

Gabe Rizza is our resident in-house mixer, and he’s using his many years of experience DJing to whip up some truly awesome masters and mixes ready to put us in the energy of the club from the comfort of our homes! We’re always ready to chat to him when we need some audio quality reviewed for a new release we’re managing. But when it comes to original works like Flex, Gabe gets to spread his trance and techno wings show off the passion that drives him to strive for excellence! Even the most obsessed EDM fans in the world will have plenty of choice of what vibe they wanna dance to next, considering the colourful catalogue Gabe has at his disposal! Whether you know Gabe as a solo artist, knew him from his work with About Time, or know him by his alias Apollo Sky, you can be guaranteed that this kind of nuanced EDM is what’s gonna get you hooked the moment you hit play.

Check out Gabe’s website as well as his Discogs under Gabriel Rizza for some of his previous works! And check out his company bios and other links below – we’re eagerly looking forward to the next thing he’ll turn his skilled hands to!


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