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Get Ready to Jam: Blue Pie Records' Playlists and Releases are Heating Up the Music Scene!
17 Mar 2023

Blue Pie Records has been on fire recently, promoting some incredible talent across their social media networks. From Indig Music to The Music Factory, DL Down3r to Dave Loew and Dave Evans, there’s no shortage of amazing artists and labels that you need to check out.

First up is Indig Music, featuring some of the most talented First Nations artists from around the world. Their music is a blend of traditional sounds with modern beats, creating a unique and powerful sound that you won’t be able to resist.

Next up is The Music Factory, a group of producers and musicians dedicated to creating the best beats and tunes around. With their finger on the pulse of the throwback music scene, they’re always in the know about whatever you might be reminiscing about!

And let’s not forget about DL Down3r, whose unique blend of hip-hop, rap, and EDM has been making waves in the music world. His most iconic release, “Suga Boom Boom (Chasing Dragons),” has been a hit on streaming platforms, showcasing his ability to create catchy hooks and memorable beats. But that’s not all he’s known for! Just a heads up though – due to the graphic nature of one of these clips, you might need to manually click on it to watch it on Facebook rather than watching it directly on our site – but hey, DL rolls with the rough ones at times, right?

But the talent doesn’t stop there. Dave Loew and Dave Evans are two incredibly talented musicians whose recent releases have been taking the music world by storm – but don’t get them mixed up! Dave Loew is a world-renowned Cellist with a huge legacy built up over a lifetime including performances in CATS, and Dave Evans is AC/DC’s first ever vocalist! Some big names going around here.

All of these incredible artists have been making waves in the music world, and Blue Pie Records is proud to have them on their roster. So what are you waiting for? Head to your favorite streaming platform and check out the latest releases from Indig Music, The Music Factory, DL Down3r, Dave Loew, and Dave Evans. You won’t be disappointed.

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