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Get to know Black Dawn!
16 Apr 2019

Black Dawn’s rich guitar compositions, loud bass and intense lyrics are the perfect energy riser for any occasion. Black Dawn produces music that bleeds raw emotion and reflects the best of the Heavy Metal genre. They’ve been with us for over 10 years, and we’ve loved to have them for that long- we wouldn’t want to ever lose their unique brand of talent!

Black Dawn has been producing and performing music in the Long Island/New York region since 1996. The band currently consists of Matt Kotten (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Tom Kelly (Rhythm Guitar), Shawn Cox (Bass Guitar – formerly of New York City’s Sworn Enemy), and Enzo DiPaolo (Drums). They have produced two albums “Absence of Time” (1999) and “Age of Reason” (2004), and the EP “Until We Meet” (2014). With several of these tracks being selectively chosen by numerous digital radio stations, podcasts and colleges globally, showcasing the talent and reach of this band.

The band draws inspiration from Godsmack, White Zombie, and Five Finger Death Punch, utilising traits from each of these artists to create an eclectic range of heavy metal that encompasses Black Dawn’s identity.

So it’s no surprise how much of an absolutely insane song their latest hit is!

The intense thrashing of that guitar and those awesome gritty vocals set the scene perfectly for the dramatic military story showcased in the music video. It’ll have you on the edge of your seat, get you invested, and send the adrenaline flushing through your veins… much like the song itself. And that’s just one example of Black Dawn’s talents! There are plenty more on their website, linked below.

Check them out for yourself:

But if that list of links doesn’t satisfy you, allow us to recommend certain hits to you! Rock on, metal fans.

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