blue pie news

27 May 2009

Big Woolly and Blue Pie launch the new Merchandise Self Managed Store System. Check out what we believe is the hottest product to hit the industry since the world went digital and tuned into iPODS. Big Woolly provides artists, labels and bands with the ability to have their own online merchandise store operational and selling their T-Shirts in under 30 minutes. We use this now for all our acts and hope that you like us will see the instant value that this product provides an artist, label or band. Big Woolly will soon be everywhere. With the power house marketing machine of Mammoth Merchandise and its Founder Rowena Crittle and their General Manager Leanne Lewis, we are sure that you will seeing and hearing more from Big Woolly. Keep an eye for Big Woolly T-Shirts. They are sure to be popular. Click here to check out the recent eCard that has been sent out to the Australian Music Industry. With icons like NoiseWorks and Festivals like ” Laneway ” already clients we think that Big Woolly will be a mammoth sorry …massive success. !

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