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Global Recognition Continues: "A World of Difference" Joins BARCIFF Lineup
09 Nov 2023

Planet Blue Pictures’ film collects global awards and is delighted to announce a new mention, featuring at the prestigious Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival (BARCIFF).

BARCIFF is a renowned international film festival with monthly screening events in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. It is also a proud member of the IBERIFF Iberia Indie Film Festivals, a network that celebrates and showcases new productions and independent artists from around the globe in cities like Madrid (MADRIFF), València (VALÈIFF), Seville (SEVIFF), and Lisbon (LISBIFF).

‘A World of Difference’ is Survivor on Bikes – following the adventures of three intrepid cyclists who embark on a daring ride from Sydney to Perth, spanning the vast and harsh Australian outback. Their epic journey, which includes crossing the unforgiving Nullarbor plains, is nothing short of sheer madness.

With “A World of Difference,” we invite you to elevate your adventure cycling experience. Join us at BARCIFF for an inspiring cinematic experience that will leave you to head out on the open road.

You can check out the film and what the fuss is all about at the following official links:

The World of Difference film is distributed exclusively for the world by Planet Blue Pictures USA

You can watch the film on Apple TV on demand. Click here:

Watch the trailer on VIMEO here:

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