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Gombo joins the Catalogue!
15 Nov 2011

Blue Pie are pleased to introduce newly signed, Western Australian band, ‘Gombo’!

It’s a ‘thinky’ thing Gombo have going on: clever and tech like Mr Bungle, heavy yet weightless like Tool, and playful and weird like Ween. It’s music fastidiously written to challenge its players and their audience alike.

Debuting with Next Trick, Gombo’s introduction to the world is part laboratory, part garage, part science and art colliding in lascivious ways. While it is quite pointless trying to explain adventurous or unpredictable music in words, Next Trick’s lyrical mentions of pulling a rabbit out of nowhere are fittingly descriptive of Gombo’s musical sleight-of-hand. Trickery abounds as the song scurries through a twisting and turning rabbit hole, racing towards an uncertain end.

Which is a fun place to start.

And Gombo really are just getting started. Based in Western Australia and less than a year old, the band is in the middle of nowhere, beating a new path to somewhere.

For themselves and for people that like their music, Next Trick is Gombo testing the infinite waters of possibility. And it can only get stranger from here!

Gombo are distributed to the world digitally by Blue Pie Records!

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