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Gospel singer Darryn Zewalk releases his EP "Situations" to the Heavens!
02 May 2012

Darryn Zewalk resides in Tulsa, OK. He is a gospel singer, songwriter and arranger. His music is best described as having a universal gospel style that has the ability to cross and intermix with a number of musical genres, such as Christian, R&B and even Jazz.


Zewalk uses the devote passion he has for his spirituality and religion to inspire him within the creation of his work. He believes that “ his music is a testimony to what the Lord has brought him and what the Lord will do for you when you surrender to him.”

“Situations”, Zewalk’s EP, was released in 2009. The track includes numbers such as “I Praise”, “Situation” and the classic “Amazing Grace”. Since being made available on iTunes, the EP has received a number of reviews, one stating that Darryn Zewalk “is very fluent and skills with what he does”, and that “his CD should make a great addition to any Christian music collection.”

Blue Pie is looking forward to working with Zewalk more within the future, as we believe he is a wonderful addition to our artist repertoire.

To check out and show your support for Darryn Zewalk, please check out his iTunes profile and his website!

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