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Gravity Stars, Extreme Sports Entertainment.
28 Jul 2012

The team at Blue Pie are proud to announce our involvement with Gravity Stars. Gravity Stars events incorporate death defying sports and world class music, providing edge of your seat entertainment.

Gravity Stars are boutique entertainment brokers and event management specialists, bringing extreme sports most elite athletes to the global market. Gravity Stars foresees itself to be the premier brand name in major events that combine music with extreme sports. Opportunistic by nature, the Gravity Stars team develop new market opportunities for its global client and partner network.

Gravity Stars is a constantly expanding force in the music/extreme sports promotions business and marketing, essentially inventing new levels for extreme sports touring shows and business models. Masters of innovation, the Gravity Stars team are in the frontier as true pioneers in the fastest growing sector of world sports today!

Look out for information and upcoming events near you at the Official Website.

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