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Happy 30 years to Black Dawn, here's to many more!
21 Nov 2022

Just a couple days ago was the three decade anniversary of Black Dawn, and to honour this, the band posted a nostalgic show of their second ever show in Queens. From humble beginnings, Black Dawn have come quite far since they had to use these rudimentary setups. It goes to show that if the music is good then it doesn’t matter if you’re playing at Carnegie Hall, you’ll reach the hearts and minds of your listeners. And since the band has stuck around for 30 years at this point, that particular lesson is pretty irrefutable at this rate.

Black Dawn recently played their last tour for the year, the Black Dawn: On Blackened Wings tour. NY and NJ were treated to some kickass metal during the tour, which was named after the EP of the same title. Some real bangers from the band’s beloved catalogue were played and they stunned the crowd! After all, they say your favourite music sounds even better live, and we’re willing to vouch for that… But if you missed out, there’s always streaming thankfully!

Whatever Black Dawn play when they perform sounds crisp and rockin’, goes further toward exposing the world to a band that we could all stand to hear more of! We all need a little more thrashing in our lives, and Black Dawn is the best course to achieve that!

Happy 30th Black Dawn! We know how we’re gonna celebrate… playing more and more of your awesome music until our necks are sore from headbanging! Worth it.

Check Black Dawn out for yourself:

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