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Has YouTube dominated Australian Screens?
14 Feb 2014

With the Internet constantly on the rise, have Australians switched from TV screens to laptop monitors? From watching their TV series on high quality through TV channels to streaming pixilated low-resolution through the internet? Fortunately, statistics reveal that most Australians still turn to the good ol’ telly to watch their favourite shows, however, there are many Aussies converting to the internet to stream their shows in order to get their series-fix…especially the Game of Thrones fans.

According to InsideFilm Magazine, Australia has received the #1 title for pirating season two of the smash-hit HBO series, Game of Thrones, with a whopping 10.1% of the population pirating the series closely followed by the US with 9.7%! Despite this, Australians still rely on their televisions to watch videos. According to further statistics by InsideFilm Magazine, studies reveal that:

  • Australians spend approximately 100 hours per month with traditional television: up to 1.2% year-on-year.
  • 96% of all video is still viewed on the TV screen.
  • 15% of Australian households own at least one tablet device.

So don’t fret Australia! We’re not glued to our laptop screens just yet. But, with many streaming sites starting to provide high-resolution videos of the latest series, we might just convert in a few years time.

Source via InsideFilm Magazine

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