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HeadBand reformed for one magical night in Adelaide and played at the AMC and were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame !!!
15 Apr 2016

Seventies, Australian progressive blues-rock band, HeadBand reformed to play one magical nights live music at the Adelaide Music Collective’s 13th showcase. On the night the band were also inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside fellow legendary band the Mounty Loft Rangers founded by Peter Head.

HeadBand consisted of bass guitarist Chris Bailey; drummer Joff Bateman; singer-songwriter and keyboardist Peter Beagley (later known as Peter Head); and singer-songwriter and guitarist Mauri Berg. Host John “Pembo” Pemberton welcomed Headband to the Hall of Fame, with Head accepting the award, alongside drummer Joff Bateman.

Giving the final performance of the evening on the night they sounded just as great as their time supporting both the Rolling Stones and Elton John on the Australian leg of their tours.

Led by Peter Head (again) and Bateman, with John Carlini covering for the late Chris Bailey and Richard Semmens filling in for lead guitarist Mauri Berg due to illness. It was one magical night of prog-rock from the 70’s that we are all sure that Chris Bailey would have been looking down from heaven with a smile.

Although only together for a few short years, Headband deserve the accolades they have been gifted with this year. Their album ” A song for Tooley” is one of the most saught after prog rock vinyls that sells on eBay now for over $700 ( If you can find a copy ). They have made a mark on Australia’s musical landscape and are hailed as musical influences with many of the modern day rock bands from as far away as Sweden to the USA. Their album when recorded in 1971 took over a year to complete and was at the time the most expensive album ever recorded in Australia by any artist. In todays money terms the budget would have been well over $1M AUD or more !!!

Check out their live performance here:

Take a listen to their hit tune “A Song for Tooley”

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