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Help This Is Lizard get promoted with WhoTune!
05 Sep 2011

Please help This Is Lizard win a free 6-month global marketing campaign via WhoTune! The contest ends on August 31st! They’re in 1st place right now and your vote could help them win it!!!

1.       1. Go to then sign up, or register by connecting to your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace account.

2. Click the ‘competitions’ link at the top and cast your vote for ‘Won’t Give Up’!

 “We can’t even count how many contests we’ve entered to help promote our music, so we’re super excited we’re actually in the running! This is exactly what we need to get our music out into the world, all we need is your vote! Thank you so much for your support!” – This Is Lizard.

 To find out more about This Is Lizard go to or  

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