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Henry Turner Jnr launches his new listening room in Barton Rouge Lousiana !
23 Jan 2014

Listen to this!

In the 1990’s Henry Turner Jr. ( had a vision to recreate the sounds of music by incorporating the diversity of his home state Louisiana. After setting out to find different musicians with a love of culture and an array of music styles, he found the mix of soul, funk and the blues, from this Henry Turner Jr and Flavor band were created.

After many years of success through single releases and shows, Henry Turner Jr. has ventured into a new project. We’re excited to inform you that Henry has created a listening room in Barton Rouge, close to where the band first started off.

‘Henry Turner’s Listening Room’ will turn into a Chitlin circuit club for a series of opening shows in homage to one of his dearest friends and will showcase a range of genre’s and all original music. Henry Turner Jr. and Flavour will attempt to re create a feel for older Baton Rougean’s as well as giving the young BR’s a feel of how it all started those 25 years ago.

 The current dates for the listening room are as follows:


*February 13th 2014- 8pm- Midnight

-Henry Turner jr. and flavour (soul/reggae/blue)

-Johnny Midnite (folk blues)

*Feburary 21st 2014 9pm- 1am


-Henry Turner jr (soul / reggae / blues)

-Nicole  Garbati (folk  singer  song  writer)

-Johnny Midnite (folky Blues)

-Coney Island Pete (blues Piano)
Located on 2733 North Street, Baton Rouge La.  70802

It is sure to be a well and truly chilled two nights, an event not to be missed!

Check out the following for news and to have a listen to their great music.



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