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Henry Turner Jr Featured In New Movie ‘King Of The Strippers’!
01 Jan 1970

Blue Pie artist Henry Turner Jr has a whole bunch of awesome tracks on the soundtrack to a new movie called King Of The Strippers. His songs I’m Hot Tonight, Love Me, Seasons Of Life and Look My Way feature in some key moments described below:

“I’m Hot Tonight” HENRY TURNER, JR.
While waiting for the shooting to start in the Mississippi sex club, the hero catches an eyeful of the bawdy party scene! Henry Turner Jr. and Flavor’s music perfectly captures the bump and grind lifestyle on display in an unforgettable action scene!

One bad girl after another witnesses the shady dealings at the Baton Rouge
Strip Club West. Natasha leaves little to the imagination…

”Seasons of Life” HENRY TURNER, JR.
There is nothing as sexy as having a hot wife waiting for you at home! Only this one is like an ever-hungry ATM – waiting for that big cash deposit!

The Flavor Band’s music takes over the nightclubs

This is a hilarious movie with a great soundtrack, a sure-fire hit that is not to be missed!

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