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Henry Turner Jr's Listening Room live performances and $5 entry!
11 Mar 2014

Henry Turner Jr and the team behind his Listening Room in Baton Rouge LA, have officially announced live gigs for every Thursday and Friday night!!

AND as a special bonus, they have released a flier for free download to be printed by you and shown on arrival at the venue for $5 entry to the show!! You can download the flyer below by following the attatchment link found at the end of this story.

So join Henry and the band Thursday and Friday nights at the Listening Room at 2733 North Street BRLA.

Like ‘Henry Turner Jr’s Listening Room’ on Facebook for more information and updates on the live performances and artists.

Here is the background story on Henry Turner Jr’s Listening Room from an earlier News Story on the Blue Pie Website:

Last month we were very excited to share the news of Henry Turner Jr’s Listening Room launch in his hometown of Baton Rouge LA. The Listening Room promised that the series of opening shows would showcase a range of genres all boasting original music and attempting to re-create the feel for older Baton Rougean’s as well as giving the younger crowd an idea of how it started all those years ago.

We are very proud to share that the Listening Room launch shows have been a great success with fans asking for more and demanding to know the dates of upcoming shows.

After the Listening Room’s debut shows, Alex. V. Cook described his experience:

 “The room is an old rental hall that has seen better years but is the perfect incubator for a listening room—makeshift but ample stage area, bar to the side laid out with trays of white beans and cornbread, plenty of room to accommodate long tables and dancers. For a second, I’m taken back to the North Boulevard incarnation of Tabby’s Blues Box. Unfamiliarity is torn away like a paper towel once you are in the door.” 

Henry Turner Jr’s Listening Room has created a hub of genre fusion with artists sharing brand new original music to fellow live music lovers. Songwriters who are interested in playing the Listening Room should not hesitate to make contact for an opening slot. Call 225-802-9681 for more information.

We wish all the best to Henry Turner Jr and the team behind the Listening Room project for the future!!

“We are starting a communication right now,” announces Turner at the break. Outside, I notice a sign made from a painted guitar over the door, the sole marker for the place on this otherwise non-descript battered block of North Street. Here’s hoping the string of Thursday night showcases Turner is planning on hosting there takes hold and brings some more people over that invisible wall to join in on the conversation happening just around the block.” (Alex. V. Cook,

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