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Henry Turner lands some new placements
03 Sep 2010

Henry Turner lands some new placements.Hit City Records is pleased to announce that two of Henry Turner, Jr. & Flavor’s original songs, “Love Me or Leave Me” and “I’m so Hot” will be featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming Ted Baldwin film King of the Strippers. The soul sensation “Love Me or Leave Me” was recently featured on the Southern Soul Sampler #12 and “I’m so Hot” is a rocking Louisiana party song that is one of the band’s most requested numbers. Henry Turner, Jr. is a nationally known recording artist, singer, songwriter, guitarist, record and event producer whose music has previously been featured on the movie soundtracks of Gutter Punks, 1998, and Destination Jamaica: Rastafarian Dreams, 2004, as well as the NBC and ABC television shows “Chuck,” “Lincoln Heights” and “Supernatural.” He and his band have just returned home from an outstanding annual West Coast tour and will appearing live September 11th. at the Watermark Saloon, Columbia, LA, 318-649-0999, and on September 17th. in Covington, LA. See the upcoming issue of Turner’s World Newsletter for more details. For all the latest news on Henry Turner you can check out

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