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Here are a few of Henry Turner Jr's favourite things!!
01 Apr 2014

Lead singer of Henry Turner Jr & Flavor has shared with Blue Pie his top 10 favourite things in his possession and the various meanings behind each one! Henry Turner Jr is an inspirational artist with a passion for the sounds of Louisiana and has now become the driving force behind the thriving music scene in downtown Baton Rouge.

With the recent grand opening of Henry Turner Jr’s Listening Room, Henry is encouraging all original artists to participate in the live performances taking place every Thursday and Friday night to further build Baton Rouge’s musical community.

So without further adieu here is Henry Turner Jr’s top 10 favourite things!! (see image atttatched)

  1. My Fender Telecaster Guitar was put together by a Luthier by the name of Corpus Chris in Corpus Christi TX. After my Stratocaster was stolen while I was touring back in 2005, the Fender was made from several used guitars that had been bought for parts from pawn shops and then assembled especially for me.
  2.  A photo copy of  one  on my very  1st BMI royalty statements that serves to remind me where I  started from in the record  business.
  3. A picture of me  and  Mayor Kip Holden which was taken at the  Martin Luther King celebrations in downtown Baton Rouge, LA. The picture reminds me as an African African how far the city of Baton Rouge has come over the years.
  4. A Henry Turner Jr Listening Room T-shirt, a reminder that in the death of Tabby Thomas came the life of my gift  to Baton Rouge, a live performance venue for original music and artists in downtown.
  5.  A 12 inch copy of  a vinyl record  I recorded in 1985, when  five black youths  were  shot on a New York  subway. The vinyl has now become  a highly sort after  collector’s  item in the UK and is proof that music  can last forever.
  6. A picture of  me  and  Tabby Thomas  behind  the  bar at  the  original Tabby’s Blues box on  north blvd in 1995.
  7. A picture of me and Dusty Light-foot Cashio with Ringo Ciccone a the original Tabby’s Blues Box on  North Blvd.
  8. A copy of the very first 45 single I recorded in 1983 in BR, LA. It is  now a collector’s item in  Europe. The single is a constant reminder  that the rest of  the  world  values Louisiana musicians for their unique sound and talent.
  9. A picture of me and  Cyril Neville  meeting for the first  time under the bridge on Claiborne Ave. On that day I was performing K-Doe festival and working through Eric Cager, Nat Franklin and Vernon Thomas. I will never forget Cyril explaining to me “I had heard of you for years and I am here to hear you”.
  10. Finally, all of  these items are lying on a  giant poster card (see image below), that  was made  for me by a  group  of  children aged from  6 – 12 at the YMCA in Sedona! The children gifted it to me on my last tour and it was a very touching experience.

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