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Holiday Entertainments new film " TownBiz " gets the music love from " Too Short ".
16 Dec 2010


Holiday Entertainments new film ” TownBiz ” gets the music love from ” Too Short “. Too Short wrote part of the sound track and features in the film. The Sound Track will be available at all iTunes stores globally from the 20th December. Too Short was born in Los Angeles, but an Oakland resident by the age of 14. Too Short was the first West Coast rap star, recording three albums on his own before he made his major-label debut with 1988’s gold album “Born to Mack” his next four all went platinum. Anticipating much of the later gangsta phenomenon, he restricted his lyrical themes to tales of sexual prowess and physical violence, with the occasional social message track to mix things up. After the release of “Getting’ It (album Number 10) in 1996, Too Short decided to retire, his status assured as one of the most successful solo rappers of the 1980s and early ’90s, although that decision would prove short-lived.

The immense success of Too Short during 1988-1989 made him much more viable for radio airplay, and “The Ghetto” — from 1990’s “Short Dog’s In The House” — made number 12 on the R&B charts, even enjoying a brief stay just outside the pop Top 40. He continued his hit track record with 1992’s “Shorty the Pimp” and 1993’s “Get In Where You Fit In”, both of which went platinum. By the time of 1995’s “Cocktails”, however, Too Short began to be drowned out by a glut of similar-sounding West Coasters, and though “Getting’ It (Album Number Ten) became his fifth platinum album, by late 1996 he decided to retire. Just three years later, however, he returned with the aptly titled “Cant Stay Away”, which debuted in the Top Ten and went gold. A series of follow-ups surfaced subsequently. In 2006 his high-profile album “Blow the Whistle” arrived with producers Jazze Pha and Lil Jon contributing. Too Short us currently Bo 18 on the global iTunes chart with his new album. Check out the hit track called ‘trick’.

You can check out all the latest news from Too Short at his website The soundtrack to the TownBiz film is available on iTunes globally and is distributed by Holliday Entertainment and Blue Pie for the world.

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