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Holiday Greetings and a Happy New Year from Blue Pie!
20 Dec 2022

We reckon that we owe it to two years of oppressive pandemics: the fact that it feels like 2020 was just yesterday, that is. Or maybe we’re just getting old? Either way, 2022 comes swiftly to a close, and so do the Blue Pie office doors! This year has been hard for many, and that includes a few of us. But this year has also been a year of accomplishments, and with that knowledge, we’re optimistic for the future. We’ve reached milestone after milestone across the course of the year, and we’re exceptionally happy with the incredible music our artists have created. 2023 is looking good for Blue Pie, and we’re very keen to hit the ground running next year and make the most of it from day one!

Have a great holiday everyone, and an awesome new year.

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