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Hollywood has a new Wonder thanks to Blue Pie Records
30 Jan 2018

Blue Pie Records Nigerian artist Sammy Wonder also known by his artistic name ‘BJ Sam’ has caught the eye of Hollywood with his new single ‘Mon Amour’ which has been selected by American film director Lloyd Kaufman to be the soundtrack to his upcoming Hollywood movie titled ‘Heart of Fatness’. The song has also made a prominent mark on the charts globally being nominated for the best music video in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Sammy Wonder is an international Indie recording artist singing fluently in French and English. He became globally renowned in 2014 after the release of his hit song “The Star Will Always Shine”, grabbing the attention of Hollywood Music Supervisors who added the song to their catalogues.

‘Mon Amours’ video presents a mesmerizing love story showcasing African wedding culture across the Republic of Mali and Burkina, which supplements the eclectic melody of the song beautifully. Our very own ‘DJ Central’ has been accredited to launching Wonder’s success, with the song being featured on ‘Season 5, Episode 1’ catching the attention of French-based television show ‘TV5Monde’ ranking 3rd globally in accessible tv networks via their music program ‘Stars Parade’ which requested to interview BJ Sam.

It looks like Hollywood has their eyes set on this Wonderfully talented Nigerian musician and we at Blue Pie Records could not be prouder of his success.  

Check it out below:

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