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Hot off the press! Pillowfighter Reviewed.
04 Apr 2011

Pillowfighter have been causing a stir lately with the good people at ‘The Alternate Root’. Danny McCloskey wrote a glowing review of Pillowfighters strikingly beautiful ‘Grow Slow With Me’. 

Pillowfighter – “Grow Slow With Me” Reviewed by Danny McCloskey [April 2011].
There is a dreamy tone that fills the spaces in pillowfighter’s recent release, ‘Grow Slow With Me’. The sound comes in as if filtered through a gauzy light; it is warm fields and butterflies gentle flapping. The duo, Joe Seely and Margaret White, turn their Brooklyn environment back to a habitat with lots more nature involved. How green is that?
Joe Seely creates soft, romantic folk music. The easy flow of sound and the interlocking voices allow the songs to float by. “The Nest” moves through like a cloud, “Tobacconist’s Daughter” contains powerful movement as the rails of a freight train rumble underneath the voices and warm note patterns, the tracks never clattering above the precious textures pillowfighter form with their songs. Even the slightly blues/folk electric twang of album opener “Love Runs Lazy” moves lightly into the room, the rush of instruments moving over the arrangement in a hush. The beauty of pillowfighter’s music is that it is always within reach. Under the guidance of producer Craig Chin, the recording creates an ambience that accepts the diverse background of Margaret (classically trained violinist and Winston-Salem Indie Rock veteran) and Joe (guitar and keyboard training honed in the Seattle music underground). ‘Grow Slow With Me’ is futuristic folk music that sticks to the use of acoustic beauty as a medium.
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