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How did DL Down3r make Suga Boom Boom?
14 Feb 2022

Have you ever been curious about how Down3r made his most popular song?

Many other people have been wondering too. Or maybe you already know how! A while back, this video came from Mr Suga Boom Boom himself, giving us some insight into this evergreen war song.

Or if you haven’t seen that, you may have heard the audio version of that video featured on Suga Boom Boom – The Special Bonus Live Album, your one stop shop for all of DL’s most classic hits.

Well either way, whether you’ve heard it before or are discovering the legacy for the first time, today we wanted to revisit this chapter in Down3r’s legendary hip hop journey. To think, it all started with this…

And let it never be said that DL doesn’t pay his dues! You can see a throwback to the original track in the crazy successful music video for the 2020 reimagining, right at the start! Started from the bottom now we here.

The song has taken on its own life, and a part 2 has even been created!

This song is truly Down3r’s most famous legacy and will not be leaving our memories any time soon. As DL says:

“I am ready to take my music to the world and make a positive impact on everyone who comes into contact with it. One day I recorded my song Suga Boom Boom using a beat I did off of the refrigerator and uploaded it on Facebook, and overnight it went viral. It now has over 170 million views and counting. The song has taken on its own life and continues to grow everyday.”

It has more than 170 million views now, when you count all the platforms it’s on together! WAY more! Now that’s a success story that we won’t get tired of hearing.

Through fierce and funky west coast rap, Down3r shares his prolific work with the rest of the world, and the stage with west coast rap legends such as Coolio, Brown Boy, Jay Tablet, Lil Young, Snoopyblue, LadyDice, Baby Bash, Steel City Hustlers, King Z and DJ Kane to name a few.

From powerful messages, lyrical poetry and sharp comments on society, to G-funk and Trap/EDM hype songs, he proves that age and experience is the opposite of a liability in today’s rap game. Blast it loud, get ready to feel something, and rest assured knowing that hip hop never died!

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