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How's Tekno been doing? Looking at one of Nigeria's sweetest artists!
15 May 2020

So how has Tekno been going lately? Looking back on his recent work, he’s been slinging out singles and getting more and more traction on social media as time goes by!

At the start of May 2020, Tekno dropped his single “Sudden” on us, and already it has over 120 thousand plays combined between both versions of the single on the EP! Of course the original is leading over the instrumental, because what we’re here for the most is Tekno’s incredible voice!

At the time of writing, it’s the 15th of May. That’s 15 short days in which this single has had a chance to spread its wings, and in just two weeks it has managed to soar to these heights! That’s how you know you got a new special hit on your hands.

Tekno is no stranger to catchy hits. After all, featuring on Beyoncé’s “The Lion King: The Gift” isn’t a job for just anybody! This is how many people discovered Tekno, and with little wonder considering it has over 3 million views on Youtube alone! Just factor in how many plays it has across all platforms of the internet!

And that’s far from where it ends. Tekno’s social media is also looking way up! From his 7 million Instagram followers, to his near 6 thousand Soundcloud followers, and the millions upon millions of plays on his VEVO Youtube channel, Tekno is in right now, and he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, not in the least! This rapid growth is a hard thing to stop, so we fully encourage accelerating it even further! How high can this climb?

As you can see, the clout Tekno brings to the table in his music isn’t just for show, and he has what it takes to back it up! Tekno featuring on Beyoncé’s amazing album is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve said that before, and like other such impactful statements we repeat, we’ll say it again and again – because it’s true! And with each new track Tekno belts out, just how deep that iceberg goes becomes ever more apparent… won’t you dive in and discover it?

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