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Hurricane Healing project gaining momentum
11 Nov 2011

Blue Pie couldn’t be happier about the fact that the Hurricane Healing musical project is making progress with their campaign to gain more airtime and promotion on American college radio stations. In case you haven’t heard, Hurricane healing is a ‘virtual album’, a series of downloadable tracks provided by musicians from all over the world. The project was initially conceived to help the victims of the 2005 Hurricane Season in the Southern states of American through music. Now, in its prime age it has morphed into a project that helps all victims affected by a natural disaster worldwide.

Our friends over at The Planetary group have informed us that the Hurricane Healing project has gained new supporters! Radio stations that have come on board to help remote the virtual album are:

  • WVUR in Valaparaiso IN
  • WWUH in West Hartford CT
  • WOZQ in Northampton MA.

On top of this, the album tracks also saw increased action and plays from WNSU in Fort Lauderdale FL, WPMD in Norwalk CA, WBSU in Brockport NY, WBTY in Waltham MA, WIDR in Kalamazoo MI, and KCOU in Columbia MO.

The feature instrumental track entitled ‘Long Road to Baghdad’ has also become even more popular, receiving a thumbs up from a monitored media guide aired on WFDU in Teaneck NJ and has become a must play track on alongside feature tracks “Daddy’s comin’ home’ and ‘slow dancin’. In the past two weeks, JANGO has rewarded the project tracks with high ‘pop’ an 100 extra play credits, a privilege only awarded to the most popular bands on JANGO.

For more information on Hurricane healing including how you can contribute and help their wonderful cause, please visit their website

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