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I am Duckeye are rockin' it up with a new album and tour!
16 Jun 2014

The Australian punk-rock kings, I am Duckeye, released their second album, Commando Too, on the 6th June 2014. The new album is bigger and better then their debut, Husband, which received a huge amount of praise and glory from music critics nationwide.

The new album, Commando Too has also received admiration and acclaim from music critics, claiming the album to be their best yet, increasing their musical talent and showcasing their comedic infused rock. Along with a new album, they have also announced a Commando Too tour.

The witty lyrics are perfectly matched with their hardcore rock n’ roll. The definite beats create an energetic and pumped up sound that is ready to blow the roof off any party! The guitar solos throughout the album kick and scream. The album is an in-your-your-face-I-don’t-care attitude to the elegant and magnificent high-class works of art.

This down to earth band is realistic. They are funny and musically talented and they know how to work their instruments! They are a crowd pleaser and a party starter band. So it comes as no surprise that the upcoming tour is being forecast as one not to be missed!

The new album is the perfect one to spin after a bad day. Their simple vocals don’t need any explaining, they are blatantly obvious and blunt, and they don’t hold emotional deeper meanings or have any high-class wanker artistic values.

Simply put, their music is raw, real and relatable. Get on it!

“COMMANDO TOO, it’s the best! Haven’t got anything but good things to say. Honestly! Production is perfect! “Grip it” rocks my world! And Panchow is epic. Each song stands next to each on their own. Hard to make an album that flows yet every song is it’s own entity, but you have done it! This album will do great things for Duckeye!!! I can feel it. Exciting times ahead.”  — Daniel Silk of RED BEE, RED BEE Tour Sedan

The latest single to be released off the new album, Son of A Riff, is edgy and unashamedly frank. The drug references are simply put, and not covered up by ambiguous references. The interaction between the backing vocals and the lead vocals are humorous, and lighten the mood. The hardcore music is played with energy and vigour. The drums have a little solo and they kick-ass! The bass drives the whole track with its steady pulsating riffs. While the guitar takes centre stage, screaming its way from start to finish, complimenting the vocals perfectly in their howls and wails.

“When I listen to Son of a Riff, I’m seeing Vikings in spaceships and a drunk unicorn wearing a leather horn protector. It’s pretty cool.”  — TBA, Lone Riot

I am Duckeye produce sonic rioting and musical mischief. They create music for the people and music that rocks hard, fast and loud. They unit and riot against The Man, perfectly fusing punk rock and comedy.

“With rumbling rhythms carrying more weight than a sumo wrestling team and the bass growling like a bear with crabs, the track erupts into a juggernaut of voracious endeavour and carnivorous intent.”  — Pete, our Ringmaster Review, the Ringmaster Review

The album is available now in record stores and on iTunes here

For more information about the upcoming tour, click here

For more, check out their website:

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